Functional Strategies

It is important that an organization periodically (at least annually, usually as part of the medium-term planning process) review all functional strategies to assure that they are:

    Consistent with the business strategy
    Supportive of the business strategy
    Consistent with other functional strategies
    Supportive of other functional strategies
    Best utilize the organizations strengths
    Lead to the level of efficiency and effectiveness desired
    Create or maintain functional competitive advantages, if desired
    Are within the organization's resource constraints

Each organization may contain a variety of functional areas, however, the following represent what are usually the most significant functional areas of concern regarding strategy.

    Finance and Accounting: Functional Strategies
    Human Resources: Functional Strategies
    Information Systems: Functional Strategies
    Marketing: Functional Strategies
    Production/Operations: Functional Strategies
    Research & Development: Functional Strategies

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